Mafia City 6 Farms auto gathering

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Product Description

Mafia city auto farming for 6 farms, gather resources while you sleep.

Resources collected depends entirely on the level of development of your farm.

Farms MUST be on a isolated area in the map so it can find tiles. MyFarms Bot will not be held responsible for farms not gathering properly for being on heavily populated areas. We recommend an isolated area on Lv 5 tiles.

What will the bot do:

Gather resources
Collect resources from city hubs
Plantations flowers ( Plant and sell )
Buy VIP day from plantation ( plantation store lv3 required )
Buy Gathering buff from plantation ( plantation store lv2 required )
Activate VIP
Date babe
Auto shield ( Shield function should be used as a backup option, customers should shield manually for better safety )
Use gathering skill
Use 5 hours production skill

What the bot doesn’t do:
Upgrade buildings
Make troops ( PC version have the troops making option enabled )

MyFarms Bot will NOT be responsible for stolen resources or upgrading your farms.