Automated Farms

This service consists on farm management, we run your existing farms in our ultra fast servers, making them work 24 hours per day.
Save thousands of dollars with My Farms vs In Game Packs without having to worry about your farms being idle

How do we do that?

 We have developed a bot for the games we have listed.
We continuously improve and upgrade the bot for maximum efficiency and productivity.
The customer farms are running in enterprise servers, usually with 24 cores and a minimum of 32GB of RAM, with enterprise grade Hard drives, or SSD.

Farm Creation

This service consists on farm creation, for the people that never had farms, or don’t want to waste time creating and developing farms.
We create 3 tiers of farms, depending on the game, and also the kind of resource that you need.
Consult our Farm Creation page for more info

Why should you get farms from us?

 Ideally we would prefer that our customers provide their own farms, however we have been asked several time if we could make farms for our customers.
The farms we create are optimized and effective, and resource guided, so you can make the most of your farms.